Earnings and Rules

Earn 2100 $/mo:

To do list for $1500+$600 Sales Commissions:

20% commission on shop sales.

Create a Facebook Page and a Group with your business name (e.g. your name shop, username, a business name, whatever you want)

We help you step by step  and we make you grow these pages and groups.

  1. Promote 5 shops and get 100 shares for each one in 30 days (yours and another 4 resellers and your shop will be promoted by 4 other resellers for free) So, you guaranteed, a day sale = minimum $20/day/600 $/mo. It is not as hard as it seems because we help you to viralize them with offers and texts not refused for those who are interested in earning money and buy quality products)

2.Post 3 products every day on Facebook Marketplace USA cities.

3.Promotes 5 products per day in 25 groups of Facebook(we give you new groups)

4.Install 3 Markeplaces apps:Depop,LetGo,OfferUp and post 3 items/day each in 3 apps

5.Invite 4 friends to become Resellers.(mandatory)

If you choose the option of a Starter Subscription, half the job of every month, we make it for you.

Hubcoin 10 = $1 (you can shop on the store, you can participate in contests and lotteries or you can withdraw them on Paypal)


You can choose one or more of these winning methods on the Hub or you can do it all in a month for a big win!

If you don’t have time to work online then you can make a Subscription to a Starter Plan and we’ll take care of your monthly profit.

Sales commissions are paid on the same day !

For us to be able to verify,you are obliged to make an Media Album on your profile with the name of the month you activate. 

There you post every day screencapture with the activity per each for each promotional method(fb marketplace&post groups,instagram,pinterest). When you make the request to withdraw the admin will check your profile and will see all your activity.Can you give 1 hour per day for activities on Reseller Hub by which you earn money?

If in 3 days you have not started marketing campaign then your shop will be given to another reseller.

Do not worry,with Reseller Hub even if you do not manage to make the whole list we offer you money for your daily work.

All the incomplete shares on the link of a shop are paid $1/share. Still on that link must be at least 70% shares form Top Tier-USA/Canada. We don’t pay fake shares.

Post to your profile on the Reseller Hub, in the wall, the links you promote and we check them from there.

Also on your profile at Media create an Album, post your screencapture daily  with your promotional campaign on Instastory/FB Groups/Pinterest.

If you do not have 30 days fully worked then you receive $10 for each full day of campaign.For this you have to fulfill the following two conditions :

– to have 4 active resellers recruited by you and 100 shares collected from all 5 shops promoted by you in 30 days.

Hubcoins can withdraw on Paypal only if you have an active subscription. They’re paid on the last day of the month. There is no limit.

You can win hubcoins through site activities:

Likes, Comments, daily logging, messages, clicking on links etc

Subscriptions are not compulsory on the Reseller Hub.

They are for those who want to earn more steadily in a month.

They guarantee safe and constant sales and profits.

You can only have one account on Reseller Hub without subscription!

With subscription you can have multiple accounts in the plan chosen.

Our motto:

“Nothing is impossible”

You can have a better life with Reseller HUB in your life !

Have a profitable day,dear Reseller 🙂