Earnings and Rules

Earn 2100 $/mo:

To do list for $1500+$600 Sales Commissions:

20% commission on shop sales.

Create a Facebook Page with your business name (e.g. your name shop, username, a business name, whatever you want)

Create a YouTube channel.

Create an Instagram account.

If you already have it, everything is OK

1.Increase Facebook page up to 100 followers in a month

2.Increase your Instagram account up to 500 followers in a month

3.Increase Youtube account up to 250 followers in one month

4.Install 3 Markeplaces apps:Depop,LetGo,OfferUp

5.Invite 4 friends to become Resellers.(mandatory)

If you choose the option of a Starter Subscription, half the job of every month, we make it for you.

Hubcoin 10 = $1 (you can shop on the store, you can participate in contests and lotteries or you can withdraw them on Paypal)


You can choose one or more of these winning methods on the Hub or you can do it all in a month for a big win!

If you don’t have time to work online then you can make a Subscription to a Starter Plan and we’ll take care of your monthly profit.

Sales commissions are paid on the same day !

How we calculate your earnings:

When you have 30 days worked (not necessarily consecutive) ask in private message or on the wall to Admin, the period in which you want to know the earnings.

He enters your Facebook page/Instagram/Youtube and counts your postings and shares according to the payment grid.If you have published on your personal Facebook account you should specify and the postings must be public.

We pay:

1.Share interactive Clipstore from Reseller Hub frontpage=$0,1/share

2.Post on Instagram, Clipstore (yours and other resellers)=$0,25/post

3.Upload to your Facebook page,Clipstore (yours and other resellers)=$0,25/upload

4.Upload to your personal Facebook ,Clipstore (yours and other   resellers)=$0,25/upload

5.Share on Facebook other than yours are $1 pay

6.Post items to Facebook Marketplace=$0,25/post

7.Post items to Apps Marketplaces=$0,25/post

8.Build a Playlist on Youtube with Clipstore from other resellers=$0,1/clip

9.Create interactive videos with H5P.org, post them in Frontpage on Reseller Hub = $1

10.Recruit Resellers=$10

11.Live broadcast to a Clipstore through OneStream on Facebook to a page that has minimum 1000 followers=$10

The key to your success as a Reseller is to grow Facebook page, Instagram account and Youtube.


In order to qualify for the $1500 you must have worked completely with all the daily tasks, 30 days gathered in total (no need to be consecutive)+ to have 4 active resellers recruited by you.

In Payment Grid you find daily tasks !

Hubcoins can withdraw on Paypal only if you have an active subscription. They’re paid on the last day of the month. There is no limit.

You can win hubcoins through site activities:

Likes, Comments, daily logging, messages, clicking on links etc

Subscriptions are not mandatory on the Reseller Hub.

They are for those who want to earn more steadily in a month.

They guarantee safe and constant sales and profits.

You can only have one account on Reseller Hub without subscription!

With subscription you can have multiple accounts in the plan chosen.

Don’t buy fake followers. You will be permanently banned from the Reseller Hub !

Our motto:

“Nothing is impossible”

You can have a better life with Reseller HUB in your life !

Have a profitable day,dear Reseller 🙂