• Robert187s posted an update 4 days, 12 hours ago

    @admin hello . i repost here my personal facebook reseller page to know about it admin. https://www.facebook.com/Robert187s-Reseller-hub-1672672379456693/ please not it and write me you vate it. also, can you give more informations about this please and tell me exactly the steps? thank you ”Magda mentioned you in a status update:

    @robert187s Hello,There has been a small change that will help you to be more effective in promoting your shop. You no longer have to promote product with product on Facebook groups. Now you can promote a clipstore of your shop that will also contain the link to your shop or the referral link (or even both)
    It pays the same as at posting products (please, see payment grid)
    What you need to do now. Download Clipstore from this link on the computer. Upload it to your website created by you on Facebook to promote your shop. From there distributes it to groups.
    Do not forget that at the description of the clip you add the link to your shop and a promotional text.